Beauty on the Cheap

Not long ago, I was called out. A friend mentioned that beauty products (including those featured on this blog) cost almost as much as a tank of gas. It’s true that prices are rising and savvy diva’s are cutting back on luxuries. I won’t bore you with how your “look” is always important or that I think you’d be better off to let go of your latte habit ( I mean who knows it’s Maxwell House in that cute, but overpriced mug you bought anyway?). What I will say is that there are ways to cut back on beauty expenses, so take notes.

If skin care products are your thing and you’ve run out of your department store regimen, try the old-school trick of asking for samples. Or try a drug store brand like Cetaphil. It is gentle on the skin and most dermatologist recommend it. No break out worries.

If breakouts are your nemesis, try dabbing a little honey on to inflamed skin–it reduces the redness and soreness and you have some in your kitchen cabinet.

Puffy eyes. You know penny pinchers have recommended Preparation H to reduce swelling around the eyes (don’t laugh) for years. But I’ve been told that a potato peel under tired eyes will work the same wonders. And if you can’t afford a potato, you really shouldn’t be paying for Internet access.

Now I’m not big on drug store cosmetics, but if that’s what it comes down to…I recommend Maybelline. I love their powder finish foundation. I usually have to mix two together to get just the right shade, but they last a long time and together they are still cheaper than my department store brand.

Let me know how this works for you and share some of your cost saving beauty tips with Rainy Day Diva.

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One Response to “Beauty on the Cheap”

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    Anonymous — July 30, 2008 @ 2:43 pm

    Glad you mentioned a few of the less expensive options. Cetaphil is a tried and true gentle cleanser.