Ready, Dress, Go!

We’ve all been there. An unpolished shoe, a missing necklace, a forgotten blouse at the cleaners. Sometimes it seems as if the universe is determined to keep us from pulling our style together. The cure for plan B fashion is preparation. That’s right. Remember when your mom made you lay out your school clothes. You abandoned that idea in your teens, but mom was on to something. Supermodel, Veronica Webb, suggest preparing five great outfits in advance to make stepping out in style easy. It’s not about knowing what you want to wear, it’s about having it accessible, assembled, and yes–prepared. This puts a whole new twist on ready-to-wear.

I say take it a step further, creating a look isn’t exclusive to clothing. There’s nothing worse (well, maybe a few things) than knowing that your lavender eye shadow or currant lip pencil will polish your look, only to find that they are M.I.A. So be sure to prepare your cosmetics bag as well.

It may seem like a lot of work at first, but it will make your mornings so much easier. Just think, on those rainy days you can sleep late knowing that those extra 15 minutes won’t subtract from your style.


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