Here’s To You, Just for you!

Happy Monday, Divas!

This weekend I had the chance to see an “oldies” group perform. The Ladies of Skyy performed at a shindig I recently attended and all I can say is wow. They put so much energy and enthusiasm into their performance and their voices sounded every bit as good as I remembered from, well let’s just say a few decades ago. And y’all know ladies that hold it down hold a special place in my heart.

I remember many Friday nights at home with my mom and her friends where a hand of Bid Wisk was being dealt as SKYY played in the background or riding in my uncle’s lime green ’98 when I missed the bus to school and SKYY provided the background music. What, you don’t remember SKYY? Well, they were around during those SOS Band, Cameo, Roger featuring Zapp, GQ days, thigh-high boots, space costumes and all.

Some of their hits included Here’s to you, High (that was the jam), Let’s Celebrate (not to be confused with Kool and the Gang’s Celebrate Good Times, Come on), When You Touch Me (can’t forget that one), and Call Me. Come on, you remember. It goes…

Though your girlfriend is a friend of mine
Here’s my number and a dime
Call me anytime…
Call me
If you need someone to talk to
Call me
Satisfaction guaranteed
Call me
If you need someone to talk to
Call me. Call me.

Yeah, I know you are about to do the Spank right now.

Years after their initial success they still bring vitality and fun to their performances. Just the fact that they still perform says a lot. To engage in something that still brings a smile to your face and others…that’s a good thing. When you find that thing that brings a smile to your face, don’t let time, trends, or naysayers take it away. Don’t be stingy. Share your joy.

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