Today’s post is going to save your waist line just a bit. You know popcorn is a low-calorie snack. However, when you buy micro-wave popcorn with Butter, Extra Butter, or worse yet–Movie Theatre Butter, it packs more fat number two combo at your nearest drive-thru. Unfortunately the light, no butter, air popped version taste like styrofoam. So at the advice of a friend, I started popping my own popcorn. At first it felt archaic. All I remember from the days before microwave popcorn was Jiffy pop and that was always an adventure. But in time, I grew to love it and since I used just a few drops of olive oil to get the job done, I was good.

But alas, I’ve learned something new. You can pop popcorn in your microwave using a brown paper bag. You know, the kind people used to use to take lunch or the kind you get from a corner store. I tested this and it works like a charm. Pour kernels into the bag, then fold the bag close. Place into the microwave and choose the Popcorn setting. Presto! Hot, delicious popcorn and no greasy pan to clean.

I just follow that with a little I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter Spray. You can add salt if you like. I prefer to pass on that. Just think of the calories you’ll save. And you can use that olive oil you saved to sautee something special for dinner.

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