Michelle’s Choice

Yesterday’s inaugration was not only a historical moment, but it was the moment when all the fashion lovers had been waiting for. Finally to see what First Lady Michelle Obama would wear. By now everyone knows what she wore. I must say that I liked all of the outfits that she chose and I especially liked her use of color–and unexpected color at that. Instead of wearing the usual red, blue or purple, she chose softer colors, yellow, white, mustard. I just loved it. While Jill Biden looked fantastic in her red gown,Michelle Obama surprised all in a white, not winter white, not ivory, but a white gown. Soft, feminine, and classy. The fact that she chose an up-and-coming designer for both her inaugural dress (Isabel Toledo) and her gown (Jason Wu) is even more refreshing. Neither of them them had any idea that she was going to choose their designs (see why it pays to put forth your best and be prepared). So maybe we can throw out that not wearing white in winter rule for good.

I also loved her hair. I’m not sure who her hair stylist is, but they did an excellent job. On a cold blistery day, you need hair that is sleek and hair that has a lot of body. We want to move with the wind, not fight against it. Practical and elegant. She didn’t have a stiff moment. How many times have you wanted to have body like that and had a stylist who refused. You remember back in the day asking for a certain style and some body and being told, “you don’t have that kind of hair” or “you think you’re a white girl?” So then you try to find a picture with your favorite actress, to be told, “that’s weave, your hair can’t do that.” Well, there may be times when that holds true, but basically, style is for all folks and so is a little body. Yes, I’ve moved on from stylist like that, but I know that they are still out there–even in 2009. So swing it, flip it, and let the wind blow in it. Move on ladies, you witnessed what a good stylist can do on yesterday.

Now you won’t need to worry about the wind if you wear a hat, like Ms. Aretha Franklin decided to do. Her hat was designed by Luke Song and I need to see his collection. Believe me he is going to be a busy man. I loved that hat! Some didn’t get the hat, but that’s a cultural thing. Y’all know it is–and not just one culture either. Women in the South are known for their hats, especially in past generations and have any of these negativity mongers and fashion critics ever witnessed any event with the royal family. Talk about hats!

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