Wii. Wee!

I have never been big on video games. After the novelty of Pac Man wore off, my Atari collected more dust than I did points. However, fast forward a few decades and I am having a blast with my Wii machine. I’d heard about Wii and all the family fun, but my interest wasn’t piqued until I heard about Wii Fit! I had been looking for a way to spice up my work out routine, but since I have almost every fitness tape known to infomercials, I had hit a wall. I started asking about the Wii Fit game. I really wasn’t sure if it was a “real” workout, but after all the enthusiasm I received in response to my question, I decided to make a purchase. I LOVE IT!

It’s like having a personal trainer. It keeps track of the days I work out, my BMI, my balance, offers fitness tips and even tells me which days to rest if I sign on too many days in a row. You can see charts with your weight goals and it even tells you your “Wii age” based on your agility. What’s funny is the first time I got on and it calculated my weight and BMI, the little gravi, that represents me on screen, plumped out. That was hilarious. So don’t get started with sensitive feelings. I can actually say that my endurance has increased and I have improved in my game tremendously. Super Hula Hoop, Ski Slalom, and distance running are my favorite. So if your were thinking about it, try it.

It still feels like winter, but it is Spring. It’s time to get moving. Happy Monday!

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One Response to “Wii. Wee!”

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    Mona — April 15, 2009 @ 8:11 pm

    I have actually seen this and it does work. Do not underestimate the cute cartoonish characters, if you are out of shape…. you will feel it the next day.