Thyme Out!

Deserving Thyme

Sandal season is in full swing, and a pedicure is a must. Aside from perfect polish, pedicures not only soothe your soles, but offer a little relaxation for your mind and body. Needless to say, I’m always in search of the perfect pedicure experience and <a href=””>Deserving Thyme’s</a> Purifying Body Scrub and Conditioning Foot Cream delivered just that. There are times when products make a difference and this is one of them. The Purifying body scrub exfoliates without abrasively interrupting your relaxation. The only word I can think of to describe the foot cream is luxurious. Deserving Thyme offers a range of products for body care and aromatherapy. You’ll find them in spas around the country, but you can also purchase directly from their website. Enjoy!

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