Cookie Johnson

Cookie JohnsonCookie Johnson, yes, wife of Magic, has launched a line of jeans designed to fit women with curves.  Cookie says designed the line because she found it difficult to find jeans that fit her own curvy physique.  I’m glad someone finally realized that we are not all 6’1″ with the body of a 14 year old boy.  Thanks, Cookie.  Now, I have not yet tried a pair (they’ve gotten good reviews).  I must warn you, you will not find these jeans at any store with the word “Mart” in it’s name and don’t go bouncing to Target with high hopes.  The price range is from $145-$196.  Personally,  I’ll have to wait for a shopportunity.  But if it fits your budget, you can find Cookie Johnson Jeans at Nordstrom.  Happy Shopping.

Have you purchased a pair?  Let me know what you think.

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