The Fall Forecast

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Leggings are back in style. At least that is what designers are showing for their fall lineup. And not just that same old fabric from their debut on the fashion scene. The look for fall leggings is leather.  Diane Von Furstenberg has them in her collection and they look fabulous. You can check out her fall line here. I still am going to proceed with caution. Like the first time around, leggings aren’t for everybody. It’s a look that doesn’t work well with muffin tops, jelly rolls and peek-a-boos. Now, I know what some of you are thinking: “RDD, people have been wearing leggings.” You are so right. Whatever hot new girl comes along with a video, someone at your salon and truth be told I know a few people who never let them go from the first time. But what looks good in your video, when your CD drops, or when you’re too young to buy a drink doesn’t always look the same when it’s live and in living color, at the office, or a PTA meeting. Hopefully, this trend will end with just leggings. I hope no one brings back stirrup pants! May they R.I.P. forever. What style do you hope never comes back? Did you wear it back in the day? Be honest.

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