The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Handsome Man

As women we don’t catch a break when it comes to our looks.  We are scrutinized by men and women for how we look.  Even elementary school children weigh in (“Is your mommy pretty”, what second grader hasn’t fielded that question?).  But when it comes to men, are we as picky?  Whenever, the conversation turns to men, dating, looks, etc., the question comes up in some shape or form: Do looks really matter?

I remember listening in on grown folks conversations and hearing this debate way back when.  Someone would describe some handsome man and an  upcoming date and inevitably someone would ask the question: Would you rather have a good-looking man or an ugly man that treats you right?  Now even back then, I wondered why there were only two outcomes to this handsome vs. ugly debate.  I mean not all unattractive men treat women like queens.  I’ve met a few that should be grateful for the time of day who were disrespectful, arrogant and and downright hateful.  I’ve met some good-looking guys who “seem” to have it together.  So stereotypes aside, which would you rather have?  Are pretty boys getting a bad rap?  Has the standard of beauty for men changed?  Be honest.

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