I thought I had packed everything.  But it wasn’t until I was half way around the world that I stopped obsessing over whether I had turned off everything at home when I realized that I had forgotten three key things. Long socks, a bathing suit and (gasp!) my air card.  That’s right.  I have no wi-fi.  Which is why I can’t share a lovely picture with you this a.m.  My travel adapter/converter will not work with my cell phone or laptop and on top of that it killed my flat iron.  So this is a rainy day and a hot mess all at one time. But I’m enjoying it.  I could be a hot mess at home. But not me. Nope, I’m taking this thing global.   Every vacay packs a bit of Murphy’s Law, no?  Due to my technical challenges and the fact that I am heading off to Safari for the next two days, I won’t be updating for a minute.  I promise I’ll tell you all about it.

Whatever challenges come your way this week, don’t let it get you down.  Sometimes happiness is a decision.  I recently saw a sign that emphasized the need not to take things too seriously.  It read, “What if the hokey pokey is what it’s really all about?”  Humor is the sixth sense.  Happy Monday!

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