Beyond The Zone: Noodle Head


I’m still experimenting with new ways to style and care for my natural hair.  So this week I tried a new hair styling product, new to me at least: Noodle Head Condition Your Curls conditioner and Kick Up Your Curls curling creme, by Beyond the Zone .  I was super excited to try this product.  This was really easy to use.  I didn’t have to buy a complete line of products.  Instead I just purchased the conditioner and curly creme ($5.99 each).  The application was easy enough.  All I had to do was wash my hair, comb in the leave-in conditioner, and then work the curly creme through my hair.  I had the most amazing, tiny, defined curls in no time.  It almost gave my hair a wavy appearance.  What I like about Noodle Head is that the curls, while defined were loose, so I didn’t have to use the diffuser as much.  The only drawback, was that I felt my hair was a bit dryer than it has been with the other product, that I had been using.  So I followed with a generous portion of Jane Carter’s Nourish and Shine.  The results were well worth the $12 bucks and I definitely like the fullness and the body that I have.  Noodle Head is only available at Sally’s Beauty Supply.

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