Skinceuticals Serum 20

We all know that vitamins are good for the health of your body.  From kindergarten on, Vitamin C specifically is touted as a must in staying strong, fighting off colds and being a staple of your diet for nutrition.  But now skin care experts are saying that vitamin C is also vital to the health of your skin.  That’s right.  Good old vitamin C.  Dermatologist now have skin care correction and prevention serums that you can apply directly to the skin.  Skinceuticals has an entire range of products that do everything from correct blemishes to age prevention.  I tried the Serum 20 AOX+.  My concern was that the products would be greasy or heavy on the skin.  It absorbed quickly.  Left my skin with a smooth finish.  I’ll have to continue the product long term to give you the full 411 on correction, but so far, I’ve been pleased with the result.  To learn more about Skinceuticals’ product line, click here.

Peter Thomas Roth

Earlier this week, I tried Peter Thomas Roth‘s Ultra-lite Oil-Free Sunblock SPF 30.  My experience with sunblock has always left me with a thick, chalky, makaeup-altering film.  I’ve also found that the higher the SPF, seem to exaggerate the problem.   Which, in spite of the health benefits, has always made it a begrudging part of my skin care regimen.  So, Peter Thomas Roth‘s Ultra-lite Oil-Free was a welcome surprise.  I didn’t have to spend, what seems like an eterenity, blending.  It was definitely light and didn’t leave me with an oily shine or an ashen film.  It was a quick and easy add to my routine.  So this product gets a wink, a bat of the lashes, and a place on the shelf from Rainy Day Diva.

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