New Fragrance: SJP NYC


I love Fragrance, but I usually stick with the tried and true.  When it comes to those scented magazine inserts, I usually  rip them out and throw them away.  They disturb my reading pleasure.  Gives me that feeling of being trapped in an elevator with someone who has taken a dip in musk and a smoking room.  So when I start holding on to the inserts, keeping them with me, and searching through my subscriptions for more, I know I’m on to something.

That’s what happened when I came across Sarah Jessica Parker’s new fragrance, SJP NYC.  It is a fruity and floral scent. The notes are wild strawberry and gardenia. Don’t let the mention of strawberry fool you.  This is not a bubblegum-esque, syrup-like, tweeny bopper, over the top scent.  It’s fruity and sweet, not exaggerated.  This is a feminine and fun fragrance.  For those of you who are fans, you won’t mind that the fragrance precedes the release of  the Sex In The City 2 movie which will hit theatres this Spring.   I was  always more of a Girlfriends, Desperate Housewives type of viewer, but Sarah has definitely won me over with the fragrance.  It  does put me in the mood to go shopping.

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