Wilhemina SlaterWilhelmina Slater, the villain who’s closet I’d love to raid, will be making her grand exit from the silver screen.  ABC announced last week that this season will be the last for Ugly Betty.  It was a great show, with a talented cast.  I’m aware that the character Betty was the “star” of the show.   But for me it was the scenes with Wilhelmina Slater, Editor-In-Chief of the fictitious Mode magazine, that I was eager to see.  Aside from the fact that Vanessa Williams is one of my favorite actresses, it was Wilhelmina’s style that I loved.  The clothes, the makeup, the hair-the attitude!  Grown folks fashion at it’s best.  Not only was it high fashion and sometimes over the top, it was fun.  Wilhelmina will be missed.  But there’s always the DVD.  Hats off to the costume director of the show.  While Wilhelmina may be taking her final bow, I can’t wait to see what is next for Ms. Williams.

I’m hoping someone will create a coffee table book with all of Wilhelmina’s styles over the last few years.  Don’t be surprised if it happens, I said the same should be done for a  certain stylish singer last year and from what I hear, there’s one in the works.  So don’t be too quick to discount the idea of a book devoted to some fashion and advice from Wilhelmina, I just may be on to something.

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