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Confidence is key.  Your walk and the way you carry yourself says a lot about you.  It’s a clue to how you feel about yourself and  a signal to how others should treat you.  So walk like you’ve got somewhere to go and someone anticipates your arrival.  Poise is important.  Head up, shoulders back and relax.  Whether you’re wearing heels or flats it doesn’t matter.  Rocking different shoes may change your rhythm a little bit, so it’s OK to practice.  Just like you did when you got your first pair of kitten hills in middle school.

Here are a few tips on perfecting your poise:

  1. Stand tall.  If you’re a tall woman, you can’t hide.  We see you.  Embrace your height and keep stepping.
  2. If you’re petite, think tall.  Even if you are very comfortable with your height, don’t recoil or shrink.  As Maya Angelou put it you don’t have to “shout or jump about or have to talk real loud”, but when people see you passing it ought to “make them proud”.  So take long strides.
  3. Don’t be afraid to add a little swagger to your sway.  You don’t have to walk runways for a living to have a signature walk.
  4. Over time tension, bad habits, and our daily routine can cause us to slump or round our shoulders.  Humpbacks are for camels and whales.  Diva’s this is not for you.  If you find yourself doing the camel walk or sitting with a hunched back, take a deep breath and wind your shoulders back.
  5. Finally, when you walk make sure you really ARE going places!

Strut your stuff ladies, it’s Mojo Monday.

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One Response to “Mojo Monday: Don’t Walk, Strut!”

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    tc — April 15, 2010 @ 4:56 pm

    :) well said.