Lancome Brow Powder Pencil in Brunette

Lancome Brow Powder Pencil in Brunette

When it comes to makeup, there’s one thing that I cannot leave the house without and that’s brows.  Your eyebrows frame your face.  They add definition and expression.  Simply put, there’s little sexier than a well-groomed brow.  Having naturally sparse brows, I have always carried powder and an angle brush, if nothing else to make sure that my brows are always done.  Many women and eyebrow experts use pencil.  I have shied away from pencils because they are waxy and add an unnecessary glisten to my already oily skin.  Even when a sales person at a makeup counter, which shall remain nameless, tried to sell me their “new” pencils by stating that my brow powder was dated and made me look like a ’50′s movie star, I didn’t throw out my brow powder.  I’m going to digress for a minute, because here’s a lesson: when you know you know, stick to it.  While I’ve seen many “experts” use pencils, they sometimes mix it with powder or say they use both.  Fast forward a few makeup light years and Voila!  It’s no longer an issue.  Because cosmetics lines realize that some people want their brows to have the softness of powder with the precision of a pencil. Lancome is one such company.

Just last week, I had my first experience with Lancome’s Brow Powder Pencil.  My brows were done by Lancome makeup artist, Manuel Villegas, and he gave me a brow that made folks look twice.  What I really love about this pencil is that it glides onto your skin smooth like powder, but it allows you the precision and control for a natural look.  What’s really cool is at the other end of the pencil is a brush that looks like a mascara wand that allows you to groom your brows as you fill them in.  Hats off to Lancome for really keeping the needs of the customer in mind and making a practical product.  I can’t say how many times, I’ve had to hunt for the brush that has shifted somewhere else in my cosmetics bag or purse.  I’m sure I’m not the only one. Now, they are inseparable, thanks to Lancome.  The pencils come in 7 colors.  For me, Villegas used the Brunette pencil.  The pencils are $24.  The results are worth it.

Below, is a picture of my brows done with Lancome’s Brow Powder pencil in Brunette. The first picture was done by Manny Villegas.  The second one was done by moi.  I usually wear my brows thinner since they naturally are and let’s face it, the Brooke Shields look isn’t for everybody.  But this was my ode to the ’50′s movie stars.  Tee hee.  I still have not mastered the art of taking pictures (as shown on the left), but hopefully you get the idea.  I’ll practice.

Brows by Lancome makeup artist Manny Villega

Brows by Lancome artist Manny Villegas; Eyeshadow: Lancome Suntouched/Visionary

Rainy Day Diva Brow 2
Brows by Rainy Day Diva; Brow highlight: Damone Roberts Pink-A-Boo Eyeshadow: MAC Handwritten
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