Mojo Monday: Believe!

Congratulations, Viola! Tony Award for Best Leading Actress - Fences

Congratulations, Viola! Tony Award for Best Leading Actress - Fences

Viola Davis won her second Tony award last night.  In her acceptance speech she tearfully explained that she grew up in  circumstances where she couldn’t see it or hear it, but that she had to believe it.  As I watched her tearfully thank the people who made it possible – her parents, teacher and husband – in a dazzling lime green dress, I couldn’t help but think that many of us have the same experience.  We are not necessarily born into circumstances that nurture our dreams or our potential.  It is up to each of us to believe it for ourselves.

Sometimes you are all you’ve got.  Sometimes we have people in our lives that love us and want us to succeed, but don’t necessarily understand our dream.  If you have never seen it up close, heard it or experienced it, neither has your circle. Understanding is not always a requirement.  So, never throw those people away. Don’t dismiss their advice.  Keep them in your thoughts, your heart and your address book.  For often they become your trampoline.  They give you a soft place to land and ready you to bounce back up to reach higher for your dream.  If you believe in the possibility of achieving your dream, you’ll be surprised at how far you’ll go.  Believe the positive!  Believe it possible!  What dream will you hold on to?

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