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Whenever the topic of beauty or beauty products surfaces in conversation, people ‘s thoughts immediately rush to lipstick, blush, foundation, and the flawless faces of models in magazines.  Actually, beauty starts long before you add color.  The goal is to look and feel great long before the first tickle of blush or stroke of gloss.  The true foundation of a beauty regimen begins underneath all of the pigments and quirky named products.  Enhancing your beauty begins with taking care of yourself-overall health, grooming and a solid skin care routine.

Here’s a few tips to building a good routine and getting that glow, before you makeup.

  • Patience – find a skin cleanser that works for you and stick with it.  Too often we don’t allow products enough time to deliver results before switching to something else.
  • Don’t bombard your skin with too many products at one time.
  • Be sure to remove makeup every night.  It’s tempting to hit the pillow and wake up with that smudged look, but it wreaks havoc on your skin in the long term.
  • Skincare does not end at your chin.  You may have an age-defying face, but your neck always tells the truth!  Extend skincare treatments to include your neck and decollete.
  • When it comes to eye cream, pay it forward!  Don’t wait until you see lines to run to the beauty counter.  Prevention works just as well with beauty regimens as it does in health care.
  • Hydrate.  H2O has no substitute.  Drink water daily to keep your skin supple, healthy and glowing.
  • New attitude! Nothing enhances your beauty regimen like a positive outlook, a joyful nature and a youthful spirit.
  • Smile. This is a secret weapon.  ”Fierce” only works well in magazines.  A smile eases the tension in your face and it gets you noticed. Try it!

Once you establish a routine, it will become second nature.  The benefits are lasting and it only takes a few minutes.  You’ll look great, feel good and when it’s time to add makeup, you’ll see that “wow” factor.

“There are no ugly women, just lazy ones.” – Helen Rubinstein

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