Heat Wave!!

Solar Defense Wipes

We are officially in the midst of a heat wave on the East coast and across much of the country. Enjoying the sun and outdoor activities calls for a beauty strategy that will hold up.  If you visit regularly you know, I believe in skin care first.  So I thought I’d mention a product that comes in really handy when you’re out and about or at a festival: Dermalogica’s Solar Defense wipes.

True, you should include sun screen in your morning routine.  But as the day wears on you perspire, the sun gets hotter, you may find you need an extra measure of protection.  These wipes are pre-moistened with an SPF15.  This allows you to freshen up and add more sun screen in one swipe.  The package is small and fits easily in your purse or just to keep in you car.  Hopefully, they’ll come out with wipes with higher than an spf15 soon.  In the meantime, Dermalogica also offers this tip:  Instead of wearing a tinted moisturizer, add your foundation directly to your sunscreen for more protection throughout the day.

Need a quick easy way to reduce shine without being weighed down?  I discovered a brush on loose powder from Peter Thomas Roth with an spf30, that is quick and easy.  I love this.  The brush is built in so all you have to do is brush it across your skin and voila!


Also, remember your hair is just as vulnerable to the sun as your skin.  Make sure to moisturize your hair everyday to protect against heat damage and add shine.  My favorite is Carol’s Daughter’s Hair Milk.  I’ll have some a review and some additional l information on that later this week.

Enjoy and play safe!

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