Nail Dynasty

This fall’s nail colors are going to be so hot.  While some lines are ushering in subdued elegance, MAC is bringing the drama!  Celebrity manicurist and salon owner, Jin Soon has set a bold, daring look for nails the fall and winter nail lacquers.  Her inspiration: China.  The colors have a range of finishes from opaque to pearl.  Concubine is a berry color that is just short of burgundy.  Nice if you aren’t ready for bright red or a deep grape.  However, if you want to get noticed, I’d suggest Imperial Flower, a pearlescent bright orange  or Ming Blue.  There’s something about blue nail polish that is tricky, especially if you work in the office  I think you’ll find that Ming Blue strikes just the right balance.  If you were looking for a green that wasn’t reminiscent of mint or seaweed, then you might want to give serious consideration to Jade Dragon.

If you’re in the NY area check out Jin Soon’s salon, here.   You are going to love the salon.  Their services are excellent.  But if you don’t take the train, you better take some quarters.  The meter maids don’t miss a beat.  Check the Fall/Winter ’10 nail lacquer swatches below.

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