Lloyd Boston released his new book, The Style Checklist, appropriately at the beginning of the fashion week festivities.  I am really loving this book. It’s like stylist on demand.  The Style Checklist is a comprehensive look on what to wear for any occasion and your body type.  What I love about this book is that for each item Boston has a list of “perfect partners”- items that will compliment the item.

Images of style icons from Grace Kelly to Anna Mae Wong are pictured at the beginning of each chapter for the respective occasions that they represent. Within each chapter different pieces are shown as examples.  There is absolutely no way that you will confuse a flip-flop with a flat sandal.  Heaven forbid.

Boston even breaks down certain styles by age and height where sometimes the lines are  slightly blurred as to what is flattering for that style.  That’s a fine line to walk, because not all twenty-five years are in the space and the same goes for forty-five year olds.

Another favorite was the section on yoga pants (page 127).  Lloyd’s advice have one pair for the actual workout and another pair that is camera-ready. It took me a while to get it , but workout clothes should not lead double lives-not even for late night incognito runs to the store.

I wouldn’t recommend that you keep this in your library or with the novels that you’re reading.  This book needs to be as close to your wardrobe as possible.  You’ll want to refer to it often.  Especially as the cold weather comes and the need to layer  and keep warm can warp fashion sense.

The great thing is that, unlike hiring a stylist, this book meets every budget. When you read it, Boston captures just the right tone to give you that boost of confidence to put your style together with confidence.  And confidence is just the beginning.  The Style Checklist is definitely worth the investment.  Pick up a copy at your favorite bookstore or click here.

Is there a style book that you can’t live without? Do tell.

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