Well the word at the salon this week is that the Head Scarf, a style staple for decades, has been evicted!  That’s right.  It’s been said that the Head Scarf, known for keeping wraps tight, waves fresh and adding longevity to almost any hairstyle, is no longer needed.  One source, stated that many have found the Head Scarf to be outdated.

It seems that the Head Scarf has been tossed out amidst a bevy of complaints and scandalous accusations.  For one, it has long been debated that the Head Scarf was an enabler for stiff and lackluster hair styles, not staying fresh and clean, detracting from seductive lingerie and ultimately killing the mood.

Some are shocked by these allegations, but others say it’s been a long time coming. We spoke to a stylist who asked that her name be withheld.  ”It’s just a fact that you don’t really need to wear a Head Scarf to maintain your style. It’s just a matter of developing a good hair care/style routine.”  The Head Scarf declined to comment  on these charges.  However, when asked  who would be moving into the Head Scarf’s place, we were told that the Silk Pillow Case is a viable option for maintaining your style,  avoiding hair breakage and keeping your hair fresh and clean.

I have a feeling there’s going to be more to this story. Stay tuned.  September was…Scandalous!

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