Narciso Rodriguez: for her

Fragrance, Narciso Rodriguez

Being captivated by a fragrance that is  alluring, warm and sensual is a pleasure unto itself. For Her, by Narciso Rodriguez, is that pleasure.  The wonderful thing about For Her,  is that you won’t find it on every collar, wrist and pulse point you encounter.  This is one of the fragrance world’s best kept secrets-only because it’s hidden in plain sight.  You have to look past the clever packaging, chiseled bottles and artful displays to find this treasure.  I don’t know how I missed this one.  I may be late to the party but I am oh, so glad that I arrived.

For Her is sophisticated, inviting, delicate and soft .  When a fragrance can make you feel like you’re wearing stilettos when you’re actually rocking ballet flats…well, some things are just meant to be.  The notes are flower honey, amber light and tactile woods.

What scent are you wearing today?

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