I thought dry shampoo was some mythical beauty product-the unicorn of the beauty world. After all I’d never known anyone who’d actually tried it.  So when I saw a question about dry shampoo in the October issue of Essence magazine, it grabbed my attention.  Still I needed to know more, so I reached out to Tina Pearson of the Tina Pearson salon in NYC to learn more.

While it’s true that it works on all hair types, dry shampoo should not be considered an alternative to your regular shampoo.  So when is it OK to use dry shampoo and what’s the real reason to do so?  Pearson explained that “Some stylist may use it when they are working television shoots and don’t have time for a regular shampoo.”

Dry shampoo absorbs oil.   It can give the appearance of having powder in your hair, so it is extremely important that you brush your hair thoroughly. Which means it is not a product candidate for natural curls or braids.  It can be used on weaves with human hair and your natural hair that is exposed.  Still it should not be considered a go-to alternative to a traditional shampoo.  As with any product, it can be tempting to misuse or abuse, for convenience.  Pearson wants to remind women that when taking care of your hair, “everything starts at the shampoo bowl.”  Like traditional shampoo, the price of dry shampoo can range in price from a couple of dollars to high end.

To learn more, see the October issue of Essence.

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