Fire by Shiseido

Makeup done well is nothing less than art.  Eyeshadow done well is amazing.  Whenever I see someone rocking makeup, especially shadow that pops, I can’t help but take notice.  That’s just what happened when I was trekking through the mall the other day.  I was hovering around the Shiseido counter because I’ve been intending to give them a try ever since, Sam Fine recommended that I try one of their eye-liner pencils in beige.

When asked if I needed any help, I was so taken by her eyeshadow that I forgot all about the eye liner. Turns out she’s wearing the three shades from their Fire palette (below).  I was impressed by how velvety smooth the shadow was.  As she educated me on  Shiseido’s history,  founder, makeup artistic director, Dick Page, and eye-shadow application, I asked if I could snap her picture.  I whipped out my trusty Lumix camera and staged an impromptu photo shoot.  The Sartorialist, I am not.  But all in all, I think you can see the beauty of it.

Fire by Shiseido

Fire Eyeshadow Palette by Shiseido (Model)

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