Introducing…Kim Coils

Kim Coles Natural Hair Debut

Do you recognize that pretty face?  Well if she looks a tad familiar, you may remember her as Synclaire on Living Single.  Yes, Kim Coils is none other than our girl, Kim Coles with a new ‘do and a new name.  Think of it as her own version of Sasha Fierce or Miss Jackson if you’re nasty.  The only difference is that there’s no pretense here, Cole’s coils are au natural.  That’s right.  The actress, comedian and host of My Black Is Beautiful, debuted her natural hair online Monday, giving the natural hair community and wanna-bees quite a bit to talk about.

Going natural is a journey and Kim Coles has been on the path since the early ’90′s but was finally willing to let go of the micro braids and extensions and just be free about it.  What I admire most is that Coles was quick to point out that she is not making any type of political statement and was “not planning to get into any debates over hair.”  For her it was a personal decision as it should be for everyone (I hope my other natural sisters get the memo).  Personally, I have to disagree with Coles about not making a statement.  From these pics, her statement is: Fabulous! Those Afro pick earrings are too cute!

Welcome to the fold, Ms. Coils!

Learn more about Kim Coles, here.  Are you planning a beauty transformation this year? If you’ve been thinking of going natural in 2011, holla! Below, Coles before and after.

Kim Coles w/ Micro Braids

Kim Coles, Natural Hair

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    Vicki — January 13, 2011 @ 9:07 am

    Ms. Coles is such a breath of fresh air.