Love. Honor. Cherish.

Ever notice that there’s always an abundance of information on the right look to get a man, how to dress to keep a man, how to think like a man, what to do to prepare for your wedding day, etc? I see it all the time.  But no one really addresses what to do when the relationship is over.

Breakups happen.  Not only is it one of the most challenging times emotionally (and sometimes financially), but it is sure to be a challenge to your style.   I decided to start a series of post on just that-keeping your style together when your relationship has fallen apart. After all “The End” is usually a new beginning.

I won’t address how to save your relationship, how to end your relationship, or attempt to find you a date-I’ll leave that up to you.  No sob stories or tirades- just how to keep it moving with style.  Style and maintaining confidence transcend the customary hair cut and gym membership that usually follow most breakups.  I’ve been there myself. But before we get on the road to fabulous, there’s a few things you’ll need to do.

  1. Make a commitment to yourself.  Once you begin to actively and consciously love, honor and cherish yourself, it’ll be a lot easier to stay on course.
  2. Find the mute button.  There are going to be critics and naysayers that think being concerned about style, looks, etc. is frivolous.  How you look affects how you feel, so push that button at will.
  3. Your support team begins with you.  You’re going to need someone in your corner, it might as well be you.  If you need a visual, place a picture of yourself on your nightstand or in your bathroom, where you can see it. A happy picture of you (alone, not with him-that defeats the purpose).

I’m hoping you’ll join the conversation. Breakup to makeup…here we go!

I couldn’t help but think of J.Lo’s, All I Have, when I was writing this.  She definitely has become a style muse over the years.  Check out this video below.

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