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So often I see bad eyeshadow happen to good people.  I cannot recount the number of times that I’ve been blind-sided by a collage of sparkles or streaks of frost.  Then there are those that steer clear of shadow altogether. Actually, perfecting your eye shadow technique isn’t difficult.  I enlisted the help of fellow beauty blogger and makeup artist Ren from Makeup By Ren Ren to share some tips and guidelines for fabulous shadow.

RDD: Frost shadow vs. matte. What’s the best way to wear them?

Ren: You should have a combination of shimmer, shine and matte.  I don’t really like frost unless you’re a teenager.  It can emphasize fine lines. Try to have a balance of different finishes on the lids.

RDD: How should we apply shadow for a daytime/office look?

Ren: Stick with neutral tones: browns, golds, plums and pinks are all work friendly.  The simplest thing to do is actually just apply a neutral color to the lid to the crease (think subtle brown tone) and apply a highlight coor (a shade slightly lighter than your skin tone) to the brow bone.  Save the dramatic colors, liners and lashes for after work.

RDD: What’s the best way to transition daytime shadow for a night out?

Ren: The easiest thing to do is to add more liner and lashes-black in particular.  Any look can be turned smokey by adding a dark shadow to the outer corner of the eyes.

For more makeup tips and tutorials, visit Ren’s YouTube channel, here.

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    Nina — January 24, 2011 @ 12:28 pm

    I agree, we can wear shadow and still look age appropriate. Love the shadow tips!