Chanel Iman for Allure 9/10

So last week was Love, honor and cherish – the first step to style survival after a breakup.   A question arose: How exactly does one do that? It begins with thoughts. After a breakup, many people focus on how could he do me like this, getting back at their ex, getting someone else before their ex, proving everybody wrong, etc. They’ve made a commitment to those goals.

Focus that energy on appreciating yourself and being good to you-which includes how you treat and present yourself to the world. If you’re in the throes of a breakup it’s tempting to skip the makeup.  Resist that urge. Make a commitment to put on your makeup everyday, whether you’re going to work, the DMV, or a midnight run to Walmart.

A consistent presentation will a) help you feel good about yourself, b) prevent you from falling into style despair (a.k.a. falling off).  Walking around on sea hag status has never mended a broken heart.  If you look and dress like a victim, you’ll feel like one, you will live like one, and you will stay stuck in the past like one. Remember, image is not just for celebrities, creating a reputation as someone who “just fell apart when he left”, will not help you later on down the road.

Now if you really don’t like makeup, it’s time to start. Or if someone has told you that you don’t need makeup.  Allow me to clarify. What people mean is that you don’t need foundation. You may have a clear, even complexion. Congratulations! The goal with makeup is to enhance your beauty – you do need that!

Whether you go high glam or “fresh and clean” is up to you. You don’t have to be “fierce” everyday, but make a commitment to foundation, powder, lipstick, and mascara- the minimum.  If you are very fair, add blush-it’s a must!

Next week, we’re going behind the scenes! Stay tuned. Your comments are welcome!

Model, Chanel Iman, wears Cremesheen lipstick in Brave Red and lipglass in Desire by M.A.C.

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