Rodarte for Vogue 2/11

High fashion plus practicality equals real world style.  I just love this collection by Rodarte.  Not only are these dresses gorgeous, but don’t they make “comfortable” look good.  Besides that, the head wraps are a nice addition.  Bad hair days are banished this summer.  This is a stylish way to disguise a hairstyle gone awry or just experiment with a different look.

Moons ago, I donned the headwrap on the left.  My favorite girl group, EnVogue, had recently done a video “Dont’ Go”, wearing all white with fashion turbans like this one and so I decided to try it.  Oh, it was quite the attention grabber -in a good way. For me, at least it was a way to step out of the fashion box.  Check out more Rodarte and a really cute video I found on “How To Work That Scarf”.  This one is really cute.

Rodarte 2011 Vogue

(Photos by Mario Testino for Vogue)

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