High Tech, High Fashion

Nancy Gonzalez iPad Case, $1800

As quickly as technology changes, so does fashion.  It’s not surprising then, that fashion for gadgets is becoming as popular as the high-tech toys we crave.  This weekend I went on the hunt for a case for my iPad.  I never thought I’d say this regarding style for an inanimate object, but as with fashion for self, it really is a conundrum of form, function and…finances.

Do you just want it to look good, act as a cover, or do you need a sleeve, stand-up display, or both?  I was wowed and overwhelmed by the choices.  Here, are a few options that range from fantasy to affordable!

IPhone Case, Nancy Gonzalez $360

iPad Sleeve, Cole Haan $28

Lodis IPad Case, $108/Nordstrom

iPad Case "Venture"/Nordstrom $88

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One Response to “High Tech, High Fashion”

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    Edwina@FASHION + ART — April 12, 2011 @ 8:19 pm

    I see these cool cases and they just make me want an iPad even more. And that’s not even possible. I want one so bad I can taste it! The Venture from Nordstrom is sleek.