Kate Middleton’s Wedding Day Look

Kate Middleton shocked many with her decision to do her own makeup for her big day. She actually did a great job. I still recommend that any bride get the help of a professional artist on such an important day, especially brow grooming. Still, she looked stunning and if you were up at the crack of dawn like I was, you saw all of the pageantry and romance. It truly was spectacular and Kate’s gown by Sarah Burton and beauty didn’t disappoint.

I took to my files and found these bridal day makeup suggestions that you might want to take note of for the big day.

  • Brides and bridesmaids need to have a trial session before the wedding. Even if you’ve decided to do your own makeup, know what look you want and practice it beforehand.
  • Make sure that you take into account whether or not you’ll tan before the wedding and have the appropriate foundation.
  • Dermal peels and waxing should be done two weeks before the wedding day.
  • Sparkly blushes and bronzers, may look good in natural light but have a tendency to reflect in photographs-you’ve been warned!
  • If you are hiring a makeup artist, make sure that you show them your version of what “natural” or “glam” is, so there’s no misunderstanding.

Making sure you’ve discussed and decided on these things beforehand, means less to worry about and a flawless makeup application.

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