Deborah Lipmann Cuticle Remover

Beauty is in the details!  It’s those minute things we over look that really put a wrinkle in our style.  If there’s anything more annoying (and prevalent) than chapped lips and smudged mascara, it’s dry, cracked cuticles. Unkempt cuticles scream for attention, detract from your manicure and age your hands considerably.  Raggedy cuticles are nobody’s friend.

Actually cuticles do serve a purpose.  They act as a barrier to keep infection from entering the body.  That doesn’t mean we have to let them grow out of control.  Deborah Lipmann has created a cuticle remover ($20) that is so thorough, I just love it.  You brush it on and in seconds, excess cuticles gently peel away, allowing the cuticle to be gently pushed back.  It’s not messy and can be used on-the-go.  Remember, cuticle remover should always be used before attempting to push them back.

Now you may be thinking that your cuticle oil is sufficient for cuticle remover.  Not so.  Cuticle oil is to nourish your cuticles and should be used at least twice a week to keep cuticles moisturized and healthy.

I liked this one so much, I’ll definitely be giving Deborah Lipmann’s counter again. If you’ve tried it let me know what you think?

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