MAC’s Strobe Cream

Strobe Cream

Strobe Cream by MAC

The use of most cosmetics is self-explanatory by name.  We hear the name and we know where it goes and what to do.  Eyeshadow is for the eyes.  Lipstick is for the lips.  Strobe cream? Exactly what is Strobe Cream, you ask?   I had the same reaction when I heard “strobe cream” for the first time.  It was as if someone had scratched a record.  I had no idea what was coming next.

Strobe cream is a pink iridescent hydratant designed to moisten and revive the look of dull, tired skin.  It is to be used in conjunction with your makeup.  A secret weapon of sorts.  It gives your makeup that extra highlight and polishes your look.

So how exactly do you use it?

For one, you can use it on top of blush so that the color melts into your skin instead of laying over top of it.  After applying your blush, use a sponge or brush to gently press a small amount of Strobe Cream onto your cheeks.  Or you can mix the cream with the blush before application.

I tried this last weekend (pressing it on over my blush) and got quite a few compliments on my makeup.  Trust me, it wasn’t my same old foundation application that people noticed.

You can also mix Strobe Cream with your foundation for a dewey look.  Don’t forget to set that look with powder.

You can also apply it lightly to your decolletage and shoulders as a moisturizer/highlight.  The key in this instance is to blend very well.

Don’t be shy.  Strobe Cream photographs well, so don’t hesitate to wear it on special occasions.  It won’t reflect!

So go ahead and get pretty!

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