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Confession.  No matter how many products I just have to have and love to try, there are times when I find myself reaching for the tried and true.  You know that go-to makeup you have that looks cute, but has gotten to be a bit mundane.  It’s so easy to do especially with eye shadow.  Which is why I have set out to invigorate my makeup kit with some eye colors that pop.  You guessed it, I’m in love with Makeup Forever’s Aqua cream, liner and pencils.  I mean who said liner had to be black anyway?

Makeup Forever Aqua Cream

Makeup Forever Aqua Liner

Just this past weekend I added liners in purple, aqua, green and pink! It’s a fresh look for me.  And the name, “Aqua”, says it all-they are waterproof.  Now you have a few choices on how you achieve the look.  One, there’s the cream (Top) that you can apply with a brush over your eyelid.  You can wear it under other colors or alone.  Then there’s the tube, with a brush that allows you to apply with precision.  That’s my preference.  And yes, these colors come in the traditional pencil.  Trust me when they say “waterproof” they mean it.  You will need makeup remover to remove these colors-water will not do (and remember, never tug at your eye-the skin is too delicate).  Of the three, I found that the pencil did fade a bit , when hand tested.  The others didn’t smudge or fade.  They delivered.

Now don’t get me wrong, I didn’t pitch my basic black, it still works wonders for a defined lash line, but adding a little color just above it is a nice twist.

Makeup Forever Aqua Liner Swatches

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