Sade Live In Concert, 2011

I’ve been a fan since the beginning and yet somehow I had always missed out on seeing Sade Live.  That is until this past Saturday.  This concert was love.  I’m talking pure, smooth and constant. Sade-the singer and the band-were phenomenal!

Sade emerged from darkness, making her way to center stage in uniform: a net top, pants and stilettos-all black.  She wore her signature red lip, sleek ponytail and hoop earrings. Classic. Soldier Of Love.  Sade manages to be sensual, stylish, elegant and inspiring without trying too hard. Her lyrics lift you. Kiss of Life. Your Love Is King.

The set was a visual feast. Hats off to the set designer.  The movie screen behind her made it seem that she was in a music video the entire time. Then there was the screen that at times draped over the stage, making it appear that Sade was walking a winding road.  By Your Side.

Then the stage went dark.  A male voice said that she’d be wearing what he liked and he’d be standing the way she liked.  I knew that voice.  I’d heard it before.  Sade’s silhouette appearing on a white canvas and the sound of the bongo confirmed my suspicions. Smooth Operator.  Who wouldn’t have fallen for it? The Sweetest Taboo. Is It A Crime? Not at all.  Love Is Stronger Than Pride.

For her third outfit change she reappeared on stage in a long, white dress, with her curls loose and flowing. The crowd was calm but the air was electric.  Hang On To Your Love. Watching her perform, I remember why we-her fans-have never gotten tired or given up when she’s taken a sabbatical. This Is No Ordinary Love. No one has given us classy, sexy, cool. Not like Sade. Nothing Can Come Between Us!

And just in case you thought she was all sultry harmony and soft, whispery vocals, she belts out “Hallelujah,” reminding you that this is no farce.  Not one gimmick or trick-her voice is powerful.  Pearls.

She bid us good night, but we didn’t go anywhere.  Sade re-emerged wearing a red dress with one last bit of inspiration. A mantra. Cherish The Day.

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Sade Live 2011

Sade Live 2011

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One Response to “Sade Live: No Ordinary Love”

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    Vicki — June 28, 2011 @ 12:24 am

    i’m jealous, jealous, jealous…but glad you got to go!!