Lancome Visionnaire

Just this week it was announced that Lancome will launch a new all-in-one serum called Visionnaire.  So what’s unique about this serum over the others that are on the market.  Lancome explains that while other products address one skin issue at a time, Visionnaire will stimulate the regeneration process linked to aging at the epidermal layer of the skin.   Yes Lancome, you have my attention!

Regeneration is key for healthy and youthful skin.  But Lancome is saying that the benefits will not stop there.   Visionnaire will also have cumulative effects, working on wrinkles, pores, pigmentation and even scars.  Also, Lancome has designed a multiethnic advertising campaign featuring Arlenis Sosa and Hanaa Ben Abdesslem.

I’d like to add this one to my skin care routine for a month and see the results.  But I’ll have to wait until the fall. Visionnaire launches in September.  Mark your calendars!

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