L'Oreal One Sweep Eyeshadow

When I saw L’Oreal’s One Sweep Eye Shadow, I hesitated.  It seemed almost too good to be true.  With just one sweep, “woosh”, my eyeshadow application would be done.  Then my brain went through the makeup archives.  Didn’t I see something similar on one of those “invention” shows on Oprah umpteen years ago?  What if it actually works?  This could be a time (and frustration) saver.  I mean you could really do this in the car-I’m not advocating it-I’m just saying.

Basically, L’Oreal has made the selection process easy.  There are certain colors that are listed as best for green, blue, brown or all eyes.  If you peel the back label off, there are instructions (with pictures) on how to use the product along with Pro-Tips (darker color is applied close to the lash line). So far so good.

So I swipe the applicator as instructed and this is where the drum roll fell flat.  The makeup really didn’t show up on my eyelids at all.  But I decided not to give up.  Maybe I just needed an even canvas.  Long story short, I applied this over foundation, with and without primer, and all I ever saw on my eyelid was the color at the very top, which gave me a “fairy dust” look.

Sable?  Sable?  Is Sable here?  Absent!  The deeper shade that is to be applied near the lash line never showed up.  Even if it had shown up, there’s still the problem that the colors only show above your lashes and over your eyelid.  What about your brow bone?  It’s left completely bare.  Which means you’ve still got some work to do with your eyeshadow brush-yes, the one you were trying to avoid in the first place.  You know what that means, right?  There’s no such thing as one sweep eyeshadow-at least not yet.  Hopefully, L’Oreal has gone back to the lab on this one.

Tip: Technique trumps gimmicks and short-cuts any and every day.

My recommendation: Learn how to apply your makeup and save money by using the products you have.

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