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Between an earthquake and hurricane Irene, you may have missed the breaking beauty news last week.  For starters, Chanel announced that it will expand the spectrum of colors for their foundation, Perfection Lumiere.  Chanel is one of those brands that I love-especially their nail color.  So I’ve been eagerly waiting for them to realize that skin tones don’t stop at tan for a few years (okay, decades).

Finally they’ve released images of what we can expect in terms of color range when the expanded line drops next month.  The last time, I dropped by a Chanel counter to see if they’d broadened their selection, the salesperson looked at me cautiously and said, “try over there” pointing to the Fashion Fair counter.  That brings me to announcement number two.

Sam Fine Creative Makeup Director, Fashion Fair Cosmetics

Fashion Fair Cosmetics announced that makeup artist Sam Fine is now their Creative Makeup Director.  Yes!  I was so excited I think I applauded in my living room.  I’ve been student of Mr. Fine’s techniques since he authored Fine Beauty.  I’ve had the pleasure of meeting him and he is every bit as suave and gracious as he is in the media.  Couple that with the fact that Fashion Fair was my first real makeup experience: Tawny Glo-9th grade.

So now a legendary brand and a legendary artist come together.  I hope they develop a wider range of shades in foundation and a richer variety of lip and eye colors.  Being that I fall hard for a slick package, I’m hoping for that too.  Johnson Publishing Company, parent company of Ebony magazine and Fashion Fair, has been making some moves and it’s going to be interesting to see what they do next.

With Fine onboard as Creative Director will we see a full beauty issue of Ebony with beauty tips and how-to’s?  Will there be a celebrity spokesmodel, a fragrance? Will they choose a principal designer or a collective group of designers for the Ebony Fashion Show?  Could the Ebony Fashion Show become a part of Fashion Week?  I feel the winds of change blowing.

To congratulate Sam Fine, connect with him on Twitter: @SamFineBeauty

What do you think? Have you ever used Fashion Fair? What changes would you like to see in the brand?

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