Dior Vernis In Blue Denim & Blue Tie

Dior debuts two new shades of blue for Fall-Blue Denim and Blue Tie.  Looks like the blue nail polish trend isn’t going anywhere any time soon and I’m glad.  When I saw this display in Nordstrom, I had a “moth to a flame” moment.  Blue Denim is an intense color, highly pigmented, solid with somewhat of a crayola effect.  I didn’t think I would like it when I saw it in the bottle, it looked like it would be flat, but it’s Dior so it does sparkle.  A unique choice that will definitely garner attention.

You can just look at Blue Tie and see that this is sexy.  It’s a rich, deep blue that borders violet-it’s captivating.  Just dark enough to be alluring, perfect for going out or a pedicure.  You can buy both shades at Nordstrom, $21 (Denim Exclusive)

If you’re not up to the intensity of Dior, try Aruba Blue by Essie, ($8).  This sapphire blue has a frost finish reminiscent of the ocean, giving you that extra shimmer. Another option is OPI’s DS Magic. Almost electric, this is another deep blue that will keep your manicure interesting this fall.

Aruba Blue By Essie

DS Magic By OPI

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