HawthoRNe Recap!

This week’s episode of Hawthorne was a classic case of should I stay or should I go. At the opening, Christina (Jada Pinkett Smith) is rushing to leave the house. Her daughter Camille is trying to help her find a sweater and instead finds her “gat”. Yes, the gun she’s been hiding since she was attacked. Once she questions her mom about it, Christina brushes her off, stating they’re going to be late and continues to ask her daughter for help, this time leaving her journal with entries about her marriage in plain view. I knew that nosey girl was going to read it-that’s what kids do.

She then drops off her divorce papers to Tom at the hospital and once again asks for his forgiveness, to which he doesn’t respond.

Finally at the airport, she says goodbye to her daughter and manages a slight smile. But once she’s stuffing her roll on bag into the overhead compartment bin, she gives in and takes a phone call from Nick (Marc Anthony). Every time that phone rings drama is about to pop off. And pop it does! She then tells the flight attendant that she’s having a “family” emergency and needs to get off the plane. She stays.

Nick, family? Really? What could the “family” emergency be involving the man that you slept with and are now losing your marriage over? Turns out Nick’s mom has passed during the night. So in usual Hawthorne style she drops her planned get-away for herself to help Nick with the funeral arrangements. And that’s not all. She immediately starts arranging for Kelly to leave the hospital and retrieve a letter she had left for Nick. While Nick and Christina are mourning the loss of Nick’s mother, the staff of James River hospital is in flux.

Tom is mourning the end of his marriage, but is burying himself in work. While at the hospital Tom catches an elevator only to be followed in by a strange, burly, leprechaunish looking man. With a beard like that I knew he was up to no good. He says “hello doctor” and shakes hands with Tom, calling attention to the ring on his hand. Yes, it’s the same ring that Christina’s attacker had worn. You know the one we all believe that Nick has killed. Bumbling nurse Kelly fumbles her way on to the elevator just in the nick of time (no pun intended). Tom exits the elevator with Nurse Kelly on the next floor, making sure he got a good look at the un-named villain.

Instead of being shaken, Tom continues on with his day un-phased. Perhaps it’s because, he too, has been packing heat since the attack. Not to mention that he’s also started packing his clothes. He’s sleeping on the couch in his office. We also learn that Tom was married previously. Which means Christina is about to be ex-wife #2!

As for the rest of the staff, our perky CNO, Bobbie, is happy to learn that the man who swindled her out of $2 million dollars a few weeks ago has been caught. Unfortunately she has to counter that news from her fiancé by delivering the news that his father really is dying. Once they’ve cleared that hurdle. Bumbling nurse Kelly returns and makes another fumble, but this time without a save. She tells Bobbie that Cristina has been to the hospital to get her old job back. Which sends her straight to the acting chief’s office to embarrass herself yet again.

Camille and the good Dr. Miles say their goodbye’s as he leaves James River hospital to return to California to work things out with his wife (Lisa-Raye). She gives him a picture of him with his kids and he gives her a Holy Bible. Amen.

Back at Nick’s, Christina discovers that he is being stalked. The words “An eye for an eye” have been scrawled into the bedroom wall. Then at the funeral, the strange-looking man with that hideous ring and creepy beard shows up, and literally starts a fight (dramatic scuffle) with Nick. We all know he doesn’t want any of detective Renata.

Next week is the season finale and from the clips shown, there will be gunfire, screams and plenty more drama. Maybe Tom will get to be the night in shining armor this time. Or should I say, again?

With three folks carrying guns, a love triangle, two women fighting for a job, an out-of-control Chief of Staff with a guilty conscience and a drinking problem, and a lumberjack with a cheap ring, an unattractive beard and an axe to grind, there’s no telling what is going to happen.

What I do know is that I want Tom and Christina to at least try to work it out. I want Camille in college, Vanessa Bell Calloway’s character shown consistently, and at least one more slap delivered to somebody by LisaRaye. And finally, that lumberjack looking fellow gone-for good!

Will you be watching? Your thoughts on this season thus far?

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