Style Has No Expiration

Helen Mirren for InStyle

When I came across this spread in the September issue of InStyle magazine,  I was impressed. Helen Mirren is looking flawless and gorgeous.  Ever since her bikini pics from just a few years ago surfaced, I realized that she is more than just a talented actress.  Seeing Helen Mirren command the big screen and rock the pages of fashion magazines is inspiring.

Here’s the thing.  I’m a champion of diversity in beauty and fashion.  A lot of times people think that “diversity” is code for ethnicity. While it does encompass that, it also includes height, weight and yes, age.  And since aging is the one trait that all of us have in common-it’s happening as we breathe-might as well include and applaud those of us who are doing it well!  Kudos to Instyle for the aspirational images!  If I can look like that when I’m that age…whoa!

You can check out Helen Mirren in the action movie The Debt.

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