Smartphones have been linked to a lot of ills, traffic accidents, cancer, and now wrinkles.  Last night the late news ran a segment that featured a cosmetic dermatologist and an esthetician who supported the idea that the use of smart phones can contribute to premature wrinkles.  How so?

According to the dermatologist, constant squinting when trying to view the screen can lead to wrinkles around the eye. Which can be countered with, what else? Botox.  The esthetician focused on the wrinkling of the neck. Explaining that the constant looking down while texting, keeps the neck contracted causing premature lines and wrinkles.  I thought she just might be onto something.  Who wants a wrinkly, saggy neck?   Her solution?  She’s created a facial that focuses on the neck which consists of cleansing, exfoliation and hydration of that area.

There are certain areas of the body where we neglect our skin and the neck is one of those. So I wouldn’t discount a spa treatment to help that area.  But here’s a few other things you can do to combat these problems.

Wrinkle #1 – Stop squinting.  Repetitive bad habits, lead to premature damage. Be conscious about your facial expression.  If the screen on your smart phone gives a glare, there’s a setting to adjust the brightness.  You can also purchase anti-glare screen protectors from most smart phone manufacturers or cell phone accessories stores.  Invest in an eye-cream that nourishes and use it faithfully. Finally, you might actually need glasses.

Conair, Facial Sauna

Wrinkle #2 – Save your own neck.  A spa treatment is fabulous, but you can provide a thorough cleanse at home in between treatments. Steam helps open pores, cleanse and aids in exfoliation.  For less than $30 you can buy a facial sauna to steam your face and neck at Target or Walmart.  Here’s what you do.

Once a week, fill the sauna with water according to directions.  I recommend adding a little rosemary or lavender for calming.  Once the water begins to heat, position your face/neck over the sauna.  Place a towel over your head, allowing it to drape over you and the sauna, like a hood.  This will keep the steam in a concentrated area.  Sit for about 15 minutes or so.  It should become increasingly warm/hot, but still comfortable.  This isn’t a no pain no gain, scenario-it shouldn’t hurt.  Once you’ve finished with the steam, cleanse and exfoliate your skin following with an intense moisturizer.

Ultimately, smartphones don’t cause wrinkles, but age and bad habits do.  Stay beautiful!

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