Conversations: Misa Hylton

Misa Hylton

Every now and then you’re blessed to  meet someone who just loves life.  They’re eager to share their knowledge and their passion is undeniable.   Misa Hylton is one of those people.  When she speaks of building her career as a stylist, her online boutique, Madison Star Couture, and her children, she lights up the room.  The self-taught stylist took some time out of her hectic schedule to answer a few questions about style, work and going after your dreams.

RDD: In our initial conversation you mentioned that you work with everyday women.   Can you speak to how fashion styling differs from shopping?

MH: Fashion Styling is very different from shopping. There are specific techniques and knowledge used when styling.

RDD:  What do you find to be the common mistakes women make when purchasing clothes and styling themselves?

MH: The most common mistakes made are following trends not suitable for one’s size, shape etc., and not wearing the right undergarments.

RDD: What do you wish more women knew about style?

MH: I wish women would stop saying “I don’t have style”.Everyone has a style as long as you put on clothes you are representing a “style”.   It may not be the best style, but it is a style that may need to be developed or perhaps “made over” [smile].

RDD: What is your dream opportunity or client

MH: My dream client is a fashion forward woman. That’s, a person I can have fun with.  Its not about money, budgets and fame for me.  Making a woman feel confident and look good is an opportunity I’m always looking for.

RDD: What inspires you when you design or take on a project?
MH: Everything in my environment inspires me.

“There’s no one way to do something.  If you have the passion and the drive you can do it.” – Misa Hylton

RDD: Tell me more about your online boutique, Madison Star Couture, and what sets it apart.
MH: What sets my boutique apart from others is that I hand pick each item. I offer the same sense of style that I offer to my celebrity clients.  These items are fashion forward pieces that I love and wear myself.

RDD: Let’s talk about work/life balance.  How do you manage it and what advice do you have for other women?
MH: I balance my life by prioritizing. I also have a support system and great children. So it’s not hard. My advice on maintaining balance would be to prioritize your responsibilities.  Make sure to take time for yourself and be healthy.  Also keeping tight schedules works very well for me. Order brings peace to any situation!

RDD: What’s next for you?
MH: In addition to growing my brand Madison Star, I’m currently focused on philanthropy and teaching my children the importance of helping and caring about those that are less fortuneate. I find joy in using my platform to promote giving back and helping those in need.

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