Tracee Ellis Ross Shops in LA

So last night was the finale of Reed Beetween The Lines, with 3 episodes airing back to back.  As usual Ross’ style is always noteworthy, but last night I was really feeling the natural hair versatility of both mother and daughter. We may not know all the stores where Reed’s costume designer’s shop, but we do know Ross does make an occasional visit to The Gap. (See stills from the show, below).

Dr. Reed Faces Off w/ A Relationship Author (Anthony Anderson)

By the way, Twitter was abuzz with people commenting, not just on the looks and style, but on the subject matter.  You see Dr. Reed discovered she has some deep, lingering “issues” concerning her ex-husband now that he’s about to remarry.  Instead of trying to heal her self, she went to therapy.  Yep! But not before she consoled herself with ice cream and tried to hide in her pregnancy pants. Sound familiar?  Emotions can cramp your style if you let it.

Anyway, she realized that she was a wee bit jealous and still expecting an apology.  After all those years and falling in love again, she still hadn’t completely moved on! Interesting.  While she was ridding herself of all the feelings left behind by the bad deeds of her ex, the man of her dreams was teaching the kids to “let go” and free themselves unwanted “things” (toys, clothes, etc.), but hold on to the things that are important.

Reed Between The Lines

This is why I love this show.  By the second episode, Carla and hubby had helped his parents keep their marriage alive and by the third episode, they were taking on a relationship-hustling author (Anthony Anderson) who was telling his throngs of female readers to focus less on themselves and “take care of their man.”  Of course, Dr. Reed (Malcolm Jamal Warner) stood up to him and for his wife (and all women, really).  When you love someone, support comes naturally.  Thanks, Dr. Reed.  Can’t wait for season 2!

Reed Between The Lines (RBTL)

Dr. Reed Takes Center Stage

Dr. Reed (Ruby Woo, anyone?)

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