More Than A Manicure

With temperatures going up and down, not to mention the rain and snow, it can take a toll on one’s hands.  Not only do dry, cracked hands hurt, but they also age you.  Who needs that?  Wearing gloves and getting manicures may not be enough.  And let’s be honest, paraffin wax is a nice treat, but it doesn’t solve all problems. Here’s a few other tips and tricks to make sure your hands stay soft and pretty.

  • Use a deep moisturizing lotion several times a day.  Massage it in thoroughly and make sure to pay attention to your cuticles and fingers, not just the palms.  My favorites are WhoopAsh and Shea Butter Lotion by L’Occitane.
  • Before bedtime, apply your deep moisturizer and sleep in cotton gloves to lock in the moisture.  Your hands will feel amazing in the morning.  If you can’t find cotton gloves, cotton socks will do.  It sounds funny but think of a cotton sock as an impromptu mitten.  It gets the job done!
  • If you have a callus or rough spot on your hands or between your fingers, use a fine to medium grade nail file to gently smooth out those spots.  A file can help buff and smooth the spots that a pumice stone can’t reach.
  • Exfoliate the backs of your hands once a week as you would your face.  You can use some of the same exfoliating products for your hands that you use for your face.  Or you can add a teaspoon of sugar to your cleanser to do the trick.  Make sure you follow with a rich moisturizing treatment.
  • If discoloration is your issue, use an over the counter skin brightener on your hands.  Always follow with a moisturizer and  sunscreen.
  • Sunscreen wipes are also available for a quick re-application to your hands.
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