Skin Perfecting Kit, RX For Brown Skin

This year, I’ve really been making skin care a priority. I mean, finding “the” regimen that is realistic and that works. One of the issues for me and countless others is hyper-pigmentation. Basically, hyper- pigmentation is when your skin darkens due to an increase in melanin, causing an uneven skin tone. There are various causes but most commonly, it can be due to acne scars, eczema, or sun damage. There are many products that claim to improve the condition. I’ve tried them all, from Hydroquinone to over the counter products.

So I was intrigued about Rx For Brown Skin. Founded by dermatologist, Dr. Susan Taylor, it’s supposed to show improved results within four weeks, which is a nanosecond in the world skin lightening. A little jaded from infomercials and promises of miraculous results I decided to give it a try.

The advantage of Rx For Brown Skin is that it has natural ingredients and doesn’t put you at risk for negative factors associated with products like Hydroquinone, which can lighten your skin unevenly or worse. The kit comes with three products: An Exfoliating Serum, an Advanced Botanical Brightener, and an Age Block (SPF 15). The thought of having to add three more products to my routine was a con, but a small price to pay in the pursuit of an even complexion. All of the products are to be used 3 to 4 times a week, except the Age Block, which is to be used daily.

What I like about Rx For Brown Skin is that it is mild. I didn’t experience any of the peeling, burning or dryness I had with other products. I incorporated it into my routine right after cleansing and before other treatments. After four weeks, I could definitely see that my skin tone was improving on my face, but the result was not quite as dramatic as what I experienced on my hands and legs. I really think this was due to the fact that our faces are constantly exposed to the sun. Though I used the recommended Age Block that came in the kit, I decided to opt for a higher SPF. I also can’t rule out that the facial scarring/tone is more severe so that does factor into results.

All in all, I have to say that RX For Brown Skin, did live up to its promise. However, it can be a little pricey. As with most infomercial products, it’s a membership. Which means you’ll get a monthly shipment and bill. So while it delivered, I must say, I’m still looking for that next break through.

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