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Eddie Murphy, Kerry Washington Star in A Thousand Words

There’s nothing worse than that awkward moment when you realize you’ve gone on a bit too long about something.  Or you feel the familiar pain of having stuck your foot in your mouth-again!   With so many ways to “communicate” and the never- ending need to multi-task, it’s no wonder we just keep talking and talking and talking. If we’re all talking, who’s listening? Everyone from talk show guru’s to sage grandmothers have touted the benefits of being quiet, listening more, and even setting aside days or weekends to just stop talking.

This Friday, March 9th, Eddie Murphy’s latest movie, A Thousand Words, explores this very subject.  In the film Murphy’s character has to zip it up or else.  Yes, his life depends on it!  Kerry Washington co-stars with Murphy and it seems the harder he tries to stop talking the more questions she has.  Have you ever consciously made a decision to live a hushed life. Well, I have and I only made it a half day. (See Trailer Below, Contest Details)

If you’ve ever wished you had held your tongue, listen up.  Remember the saying, loose lips sink ships? Well this time around they could win you some cash.  EUR Web wants to know about the very moment when you realized you had said too much.  If you talk too much or you’ve been told you should “Shut Your Mouth”, EUR Web wants to hear about it. Share your favorite “oops” moments in the Shut Your Mouth contest for a chance to win $1,000.

While you’re reminiscing on those moments, check the trailer for A Thousand Words, in theaters Friday, March 9.

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