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The O.G. Bag by Lo & Sons

The O.G. bag by Lo & Sons has changed my travel style and life.  I was turned on to this great find by Monica of Blue Print For Style last fall.  This is my Style & Order testimony.  The O.G. bag by Lo & Sons is not only stylish, but it can hold everything I need and want.  When I travel, be it on vacation or a long commute, I like to have a variety of things at my disposal.  Journal, magazines (digital doesn’t always work for me), an extra pair of shoes, sweater, snacks, iPad-the list goes on.  This usually means that I have to be uber creative to get all that I need on the plane and then I have to struggle to get my carry-on under the seat.  You know my pain, right?

With the O.G. bag (overnight, gym bag) it has space for all of those things.  The great thing is that the inside is reasonably structured. There’s a compartment for everything with ample size.  Not to mention that there are pockets that allow it to slide right over the handles of my rolling luggage.

I also use it for long days and commutes.  I would not substitute it for my hand bag, it comes in handy for those long conferences and road trips as well. It comes in red, olive, and lavender.  Now, Lo & Sons has introduced the O.M.G. bag, which is a medium version of the original O. G.   At $275 the O.G. is a little pricey, but it’s worth every penny.

What’s your favorite travel accessory?

Everything In It's Place - The O.G. Bag

Versatile - The O.G. Bag by Lo & Sons

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